"I took the SAT prior to taking this class once already and didn't do that hot. SATbusters put the puzzle pieces together and helped me earn a solid score." - Jack, Purcellville, VA

"It was such a help. I learned a lot about the test that I did not know before and lots of helpful tips:) "
- Hillary, West Deer Township, Pennsylvania

I was a little skeptical of this course at first but I really needed to raise my score. I didn't study after taking the class but raised my score 290 points!!! I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a higher SAT score :)"
-Ripley, Waterford, VA

"It was great to learn the "inside info" of the SAT!"
-Eric, a student from Purcellville, VA

"I was impressed by the tricks that I can use to beat the SAT"
-Tim, a student from Hamilton, VA

"I really enjoyed being with instructors who were willing to take the time to look at problems individually and help me understand why I got certain questions wrong"
uren, a student from Purcellville, VA

" I was skeptical at first but the refund guarantee gave me a bit more confidence. I would definitely recommend this class to others! I studied on my own for my first two tests and increased by 60 points. After taking SATbusters, my score jumped 130 points! I really enjoyed the class. Forcing yourself to study is really hard. With this class you give up one Saturday and that's it.It is the easiest and fastest way to increase your SAT scores.  Thank you SATbusters!"
-Josh,  Purcellville, VA

 "My daughter was looking for a course to improve her SAT scores.  Being a school counselor at Loudoun Valley, I recommended she take the SATbusters course and she was extremely pleased with her 100 point increase!"
-Candy, a parent and guidance counselor from Stephens City, VA

"I had been doing some small time preparation for the SAT before I took SATbusters. Practice tests were sometimes very tedious for me.  After I took SATbusters, however, I was able to spot aspects of questions that I had been previously been unaware of. This class has tremendously helped me in preparing for the SAT andI would recommend it to anyone.  I get my scores tomorrow, I'm so excited!!"

-Zach, a student from Purcellville, VA
(Zach received a 2030 on his first SAT!!)

"SATbusters is definitely a better alternative to studying on your own at home with thecountless "how to" books made by College Board.  They break it down simple and easy-making the always feared SAT's seem like a walk in the park."
-Jordan, a student from Leesburg, VA

“My dad wanted me to study.  There’s like 100 SAT books at my house for me to study, but I was like…..nah…."
-Susan, a student from Purcellville, VA

I took an SAT cl ass that was very expensive and was every Sunday for 5 hours lasting 5 weeks. The teacher was boring and we did problem after problem. The SATbuster class was cheaper, shorter and I learned more! In the SATbuster class, we had great open discussions on how to intelligently approach the test. The class was fun and definitely worth the time and money. I’ve never felt more confident going into a test."
-Grace, a student from Purcellville, VA 

  “Thank you for everything.  It really did help a lot!" -Eric, a student from Purcellville, VA



Anonymous Responses from after class surveys......


Easily Understandable

Thank you so much for your help!

It was cool!

Very helpful

This was amazingly helpful.  I feel so much more confident!

Thank You!!!

The tips were extremely helpful!  Thank You.

Very helpful tips and slide shows

Thanks so much

I loved this class!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!

I liked that we went over answers until everyone was on the same page and that we took breaks.


Really helpful.  I feel much better about taking the SAT.  I learned a lot of helpful tips that I didn’t know before.

I feel more confident because of all the practice problems.  Thanks :)

The class was really good because it covered a lot of potential topics for both the math and reading/writing sections, from obvious topics to more obscure topics. 

Class was fun!!

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